Telefones (Acessórios)

2Keep Bluetooh RemoteShutter (ID062893)  12V Car charger (ID058939)  Alcatel S0033HV0500050 (100-240V 5.0V 500mA) (ID062894)  Alcatel Standard Power Supply 3DS 04423 AAAA (ID058940) 
Base para telemovel (pe) (ID059241)  Base para telemovel (sofa) (ID059242)  BlackBerry car charger CLM03D-050 (ID062895)  BlackBerry PSM04R-050CHW2 (100-240V 5V 750mA) (ID062896) 
bq Aquaris M4.5 (capa) (ID059243)  Cabine telefonica (ID049792)  Cabo telefonico com adaptador (ID062897)  Cabo telefonico creme com RJ-11 (ID062898) 
Caixa de ligacao (ID062899)  Card Reader+USB for Samsung Galaxy Tab (ID050375)  Carlighter to  (ID062900)  Carregador de telemovel (ID062901) 
Carregador de Telemovel CE V3-V3X (100-240V 4.5-9.5V 800mA) (ID062902)  Carteira para cartao - Portugal Telecom (ID062903)  Carteira para cartao  - Telefones de Lisboa e Porto azul (ID062904)  Carteira para cartao  - Telefones de Lisboa e Porto verde (ID062905) 
Car charger for compatible mobile phones Type C005 (ID062906)  Car Charger to mini USB SIL-5018B-CLA (ID062907)  Car charger with coaxial power connector (ID062908)  Cellular line Tracclight PW-BFT-02-3 (100-240V 12V 800mA) (ID062909) 
Charching Stand for HTC TYTN II (ID062910)  Conceptronic Explorer 390 (ID062911)  CWJ Malha RC-ET-CL (ID058941)  Data Cable for Nokia 8210 type DAU-06M (ID062912) 
DSL Filter (Excelsus Tech) (ID051317)  Energizer CC15141-5010 USB Car Charger (ID062913)  Fish eye Lens 180 - 0.67X wide - For iPhone (ID050287)  htc Touch viva (ID053105) 
iphone 4G tripod (ID062914)  iPhone 4 Bumper (ID062915)  iPhone 4 soft case compact Cassette (ID058942)  Jabra USB Car Charger (ID062916) 
Juncao RJ-45 (ID051364)  Juncao RJ-45 (ID062917)  Kit lentes para telemovel (ID048817)  LEA PCE135I01-01-P Rev. B4 ISDN Splitter (ID049835) 
LEA PMF600P-04 Rev.B0 Microfilter (ID049836)  Lente 6x18 Field 9o (ID050305)  LG Travel Adapter STA-P54ER (ID058943)  Marques e Silva (ID062918) 
Micro-electric Telefonverstarker mit Register T400 (ID059244)  Microfiltro Simples RMF-600-PO2 (ID051375)  Microfiltro Simples RMF-600-PO2 (ID062919)  Mobile phone microscope - iPhone5 (ID050309) 
Modular Connector RJ-11 6P4C beige (ID062920)  Modular Connector RJ-11 6P4C beige 1 (ID062921)  Modular Connector RJ-11 6P4C black (ID062922)  Modular Connector RJ-11 6P4C gray (ID062923) 
Motorola DCH3-05EU-0300 (100-240V 5.0V 550ma) (ID062924)  Motorola PSM5049A (100-240V 4.4V 1.5V) (ID062925)  Motorola SNN5517A (ID059245)  Motorola SSW-0422 (ID059246) 
Nokia 3200 skin cuter (ID062926)  Nokia AC-2E (ID057643)  Nokia AC-2X (100-240V 5.3V 500mA) (ID062928)  Nokia AC-3E (100-240V 5.0V 350mA) (ID055721) 
Nokia AC-4E (100-240V 5V 890mA) (ID062929)  Nokia AC-8E (ID062930)  Nokia AC-20N (100-240V 5V 750mA) (ID062927)  Nokia ACP-7E (230V 3.7V 355mA) (ID062933) 
Nokia ACP-9E (ID059247)  Nokia ACP-12E (100-240V 5.7V 800mA) 1 (ID062931)  Nokia ACP-12E (100-240V 5.7V 800mA) 2 (ID062932)  Nokia ACP-12E (ID057644) 
Nokia ACP-12E (ID058944)  Nokia BL-5C 3.7V (ID058945)  Nokia CA-53 (ID062934)  Nokia CA-75U (ID064524) 
Nokia CD-4 Car charger (ID049874)  Nokia DLR-2 (ID059248)  Nokia DLR-3P for Nokia 6210, Nokia 6250, Nokia 7110 (ID062935)  Nokia estojo (ID058946) 
Nokia HH-12 CR-39 (ID062936)  Nokia HS-5 (ID055722)  Nokia HS-42 (ID058947)  Nokia N70 (ID053221) 
Nokia Type ACP-7E (ID058948)  OIR09920A02 (ID058949)  OTG Mobile Phone Connection (ID062937)  Panasonic EASA-PHONE KX-1450 (ID059249) 
PMF600P-11 Rev.0A (ID058950)  PT caixa de telefone -porta -RJ11 mod 1 (ID058951)  PT caixa de telefone -porta -RJ11 mod 2 (ID058952)  RING Car lighter extension (ID062938) 
Saint Fire Brand telephone lock T108 (ID058070)  Samsung B600BE 3.8V (ID058953)  Samsung travel adapter TAD037EBE (100-240V 5.0V 0.7A) (ID062939)  Samsung Wirless Charger Stand EP-NG930 (ID059364) 
SFLINK PC-Interface for Digital Diaries (serial cable) (ID062940)  Siemens (ID019897)  Siemens A5BHTN00119289 (220-240V 5V 420mA) (ID062941)  Siemens Gigaset (ID053529) 
Sony Ericsson CST-20 (100-240V 4.9V 850mA) (ID062942)  Sony Ericsson HBH-608 Bluetooth Headset (ID058954)  Sony Ericsson HPM-61 (ID062943)  Sony Ericsson Standard Ccharger CST-13 (ID058955) 
Sony Ericsson Standard Charger BML 162 162-23 R1B Type 4020078-UK (ID062944)  Sony Ericsson Standard Charger CST-60 (ID058956)  Soporte de ombro para telefone fixo (ID055562)  Standard Power Supply 3DS01826AAAA (230V 12V 500mA) (ID062945) 
Systems Reliability Tel-Tag Teller 40 (ID050933)  Telephone polarity test line (ID050442)  Teletaxe TL 2202-3 (ID059402)  Texas Instrument Pocket Dialer I-0190 (ID055998) 
Thales Artema Compact P700-1040 (ID059286)  TMN copiador de cartao de telemovel (ID058210)  TomTom 4UUB4 4UUB.001.24 iphone mount (ID062946)  TomTom Beanbag Dashboard Mount EAN 0636926023719 (ID062947) 
USB 2.0 Data Cable for LG K11 KSD -SGDY0014401 (ID062948)  USB Car Charger (ID062949)  USB Car Charger SAB-CC914B21N (ID062950)  USB Car Charger YF-051000 (ID062951) 
USB charge and sync cable for HP iPAQ 3800 3900 series (ID049924)  USB data cable (ID055993)  USB to many 1 (ID062952)  USB to many 2 (ID062953) 
Wiko Travel Charger UD36A50100 (ID058957)  ZTE Travel Charger Model STC-A51-A (ID062954)