Telefones (Acessórios)

2Keep Bluetooh RemoteShutter (ID062893)  12V Car charger (ID058939)  Alcatel S0033HV0500050 (100-240V 5.0V 500mA) (ID062894)  Alcatel Standard Power Supply 3DS 04423 AAAA (ID058940) 
Base para telemovel (pe) (ID059241)  Base para telemovel (sofa) (ID059242)  BlackBerry car charger CLM03D-050 (ID062895)  BlackBerry PSM04R-050CHW2 (100-240V 5V 750mA) (ID062896) 
bq Aquaris M4.5 (capa) (ID059243)  Cabine telefonica (ID049792)  Cabo telefonico com adaptador (ID062897)  Cabo telefonico creme com RJ-11 (ID062898) 
Caixa de ligacao (ID062899)  Card Reader+USB for Samsung Galaxy Tab (ID050375)  Carlighter to  (ID062900)  Carregador de telemovel (ID062901) 
Carregador de Telemovel CE V3-V3X (100-240V 4.5-9.5V 800mA) (ID062902)  Carteira para cartao - Portugal Telecom (ID062903)  Carteira para cartao  - Telefones de Lisboa e Porto azul (ID062904)  Carteira para cartao  - Telefones de Lisboa e Porto verde (ID062905) 
Car charger for compatible mobile phones Type C005 (ID062906)  Car Charger to mini USB SIL-5018B-CLA (ID062907)  Car charger with coaxial power connector (ID062908)  Cellular line Tracclight PW-BFT-02-3 (100-240V 12V 800mA) (ID062909) 
Charching Stand for HTC TYTN II (ID062910)  Conceptronic Explorer 390 (ID062911)  CWJ Malha RC-ET-CL (ID058941)  Data Cable for Nokia 8210 type DAU-06M (ID062912) 
DSL Filter (Excelsus Tech) (ID051317)  Energizer CC15141-5010 USB Car Charger (ID062913)  Fish eye Lens 180 - 0.67X wide - For iPhone (ID050287)  htc Touch viva (ID053105) 
iphone 4G tripod (ID062914)  iPhone 4 Bumper (ID062915)  iPhone 4 soft case compact Cassette (ID058942)  Jabra USB Car Charger (ID062916) 
Juncao RJ-45 (ID051364)  Juncao RJ-45 (ID062917)  Kit lentes para telemovel (ID048817)  LEA PCE135I01-01-P Rev. B4 ISDN Splitter (ID049835) 
LEA PMF600P-04 Rev.B0 Microfilter (ID049836)  Lente 6x18 Field 9o (ID050305)  LG Travel Adapter STA-P54ER (ID058943)  Marques e Silva (ID062918) 
Micro-electric Telefonverstarker mit Register T400 (ID059244)  Microfiltro Simples RMF-600-PO2 (ID051375)  Microfiltro Simples RMF-600-PO2 (ID062919)  Mobile phone microscope - iPhone5 (ID050309) 
Modular Connector RJ-11 6P4C beige (ID062920)  Modular Connector RJ-11 6P4C beige 1 (ID062921)  Modular Connector RJ-11 6P4C black (ID062922)  Modular Connector RJ-11 6P4C gray (ID062923) 
Motorola DCH3-05EU-0300 (100-240V 5.0V 550ma) (ID062924)  Motorola PSM5049A (100-240V 4.4V 1.5V) (ID062925)  Motorola SNN5517A (ID059245)  Motorola SSW-0422 (ID059246) 
Nokia 3200 skin cuter (ID062926)  Nokia AC-2E (ID057643)  Nokia AC-2X (100-240V 5.3V 500mA) (ID062928)  Nokia AC-3E (100-240V 5.0V 350mA) (ID055721) 
Nokia AC-4E (100-240V 5V 890mA) (ID062929)  Nokia AC-8E (ID062930)  Nokia AC-20N (100-240V 5V 750mA) (ID062927)  Nokia ACP-7E (230V 3.7V 355mA) (ID062933) 
Nokia ACP-9E (ID059247)  Nokia ACP-12E (100-240V 5.7V 800mA) 1 (ID062931)  Nokia ACP-12E (100-240V 5.7V 800mA) 2 (ID062932)  Nokia ACP-12E (ID057644) 
Nokia ACP-12E (ID058944)  Nokia BL-5C 3.7V (ID058945)  Nokia CA-53 (ID062934)  Nokia CD-4 Car charger (ID049874) 
Nokia DLR-2 (ID059248)  Nokia DLR-3P for Nokia 6210, Nokia 6250, Nokia 7110 (ID062935)  Nokia estojo (ID058946)  Nokia HH-12 CR-39 (ID062936) 
Nokia HS-5 (ID055722)  Nokia HS-42 (ID058947)  Nokia N70 (ID053221)  Nokia Type ACP-7E (ID058948) 
OIR09920A02 (ID058949)  OTG Mobile Phone Connection (ID062937)  Panasonic EASA-PHONE KX-1450 (ID059249)  PMF600P-11 Rev.0A (ID058950) 
PT caixa de telefone  porta  RJ11 mod 1 (ID058951)  PT caixa de telefone  porta  RJ11 mod 2 (ID058952)  RING Car lighter extension (ID062938)  Saint Fire Brand telephone lock T108 (ID058070) 
Samsung B600BE 3.8V (ID058953)  Samsung travel adapter TAD037EBE (100-240V 5.0V 0.7A) (ID062939)  Samsung Wirless Charger Stand EP-NG930 (ID059364)  SFLINK PC-Interface for Digital Diaries (serial cable) (ID062940) 
Siemens (ID019897)  Siemens A5BHTN00119289 (220-240V 5V 420mA) (ID062941)  Siemens Gigaset (ID053529)  Sony Ericsson CST-20 (100-240V 4.9V 850mA) (ID062942) 
Sony Ericsson HBH-608 Bluetooth Headset (ID058954)  Sony Ericsson HPM-61 (ID062943)  Sony Ericsson Standard Ccharger CST-13 (ID058955)  Sony Ericsson Standard Charger BML 162 162-23 R1B Type 4020078-UK (ID062944) 
Sony Ericsson Standard Charger CST-60 (ID058956)  Soporte de ombro para telefone fixo (ID055562)  Standard Power Supply 3DS01826AAAA (230V 12V 500mA) (ID062945)  Systems Reliability Tel-Tag Teller 40 (ID050933) 
Telephone polarity test line (ID050442)  Teletaxe TL 2202-3 (ID059402)  Texas Instrument Pocket Dialer I-0190 (ID055998)  Thales Artema Compact P700-1040 (ID059286) 
TMN copiador de cartao de telemovel (ID058210)  TomTom 4UUB4 4UUB.001.24 iphone mount (ID062946)  TomTom Beanbag Dashboard Mount EAN 0636926023719 (ID062947)  USB 2.0 Data Cable for LG K11 KSD  SGDY0014401 (ID062948) 
USB Car Charger (ID062949)  USB Car Charger SAB-CC914B21N (ID062950)  USB Car Charger YF-051000 (ID062951)  USB charge and sync cable for HP iPAQ 3800 3900 series (ID049924) 
USB data cable (ID055993)  USB to many 1 (ID062952)  USB to many 2 (ID062953)  Wiko Travel Charger UD36A50100 (ID058957) 
ZTE Travel Charger Model STC-A51-A (ID062954)